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2010 Auto Reliability Ratings and Reliability Rankings

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The Early 2010 Reliability Grade Point Averages and Grades for Motor Vehicles Sold in North America
by James Bleeker

Photograph of a 2008 4-Wheel-Drive Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck on 30 August 2010

Photograph of a 2008 4-wheel-drive Toyota Tacoma pickup truck 
The V6, 4-wheel-drive Toyota Tacoma pickup truck has a 2010 Auto Reliability GPA of 3.81 over a 10-year data history and has helped place Toyota Motor Corporation second among all automobile manufacturers in the Early 2010 Auto Reliability Grade Point Averages and first among all automobile manufacturers in the Updated 2010 Auto Reliability Grade Point Averages. See the table below.

This page provides detailed 2010 auto reliability ratings and auto reliability rankings in a reorderable table listing most of the coupes, convertibles, sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, sport-utility vehicles, and pickup trucks sold in the U.S. It expresses the auto reliability ratings and auto reliability rankings, and makes available auto reliability comparisons and auto reliability contrasts, using the Auto Reliability Grade Point Average, or Auto Reliability GPA. This auto reliability index is used as it is an easy-to-understand auto reliability measure, and is well known to nearly all persons having attended high school. The page also employs Auto Reliability Grades as a reliability index, as this measure of auto reliability differences is well known to all persons having attended elementary school. The Auto Reliability GPA is an automobile reliability statistic that is obtained from Consumer Reports' auto reliability survey data summarized in the reliability tables of Consumer Reports: New Car Buying Guide: 2010 and the April 2010 issue of the Consumer Reports magazine. Column reordering on this page is Ajax enabled to make for a convenient and easy-to-use reordering option.

The Reliable Two, Toyota Motor Corporation and Honda Motor Company, appear first in the table, because of their rather singular stature; the remaining manufacturers are listed alphabetically.

Letter grades are determined thusly: A if the GPA is 3.50 to 4.00, B if the GPA is 2.50 to 3.49, C if the GPA is 1.50 to 2.49, D if the GPA is 0.50 to 1.49, and F if the GPA < 0.50.

GPAs for 4 age ranges are given so that the visitor may examine more thoroughly the age range that is of greater interest to him/her, if such there be.

To arrange any column in ascending order (smallest value on top), click the header of the column. Arranging a reliability GPA or Grade column in ascending order will place the lowest reliability scores and least reliable autos at the top (after those with empty cells) and the highest reliability scores and most reliable autos at the bottom of the table. To rearrange any column in descending order (largest value on top), click the header one more time. Arranging a reliability GPA or Grade column in descending order will place the highest reliability scores and most reliable autos at the top.


The Early 2010 Motor Vehicle Reliability Grade Point Averages and Grades for Four 4-Year Age Ranges

IDAuto ManufacturerLineModelModel GPA for 0-to-4 Year Old VehiclesModel GPA for 2-to-6 Year Old VehiclesModel GPA for 4-to-8 Year Old VehiclesModel GPA for 6-to-10 Year Old VehiclesAverage GPAGrade Based on AverageMinimum GPAGrade Based on MinimumNumber of Model Years of Data
2ToyotaLexusGS, all-wheel drive (awd)1.501.50  1.50C1.50C3
3ToyotaLexusGS, rear-wheel drive (rwd)2.333.004.00 3.11B2.33C5
4ToyotaLexusGS Hybrid3.003.00  3.00B3.00B1
6ToyotaLexusIS250, rear-wheel drive (rwd)2.502.00  2.25C2.00C4
7ToyotaLexusIS300,IS3503.003.504.00 3.50A3.00B5
9ToyotaLexusLX3.673.753.75 3.72A3.67A9
11ToyotaLexusRX Hybrid4.004.00  4.00A4.00A4
14ToyotaToyota4Runner, V64.
16ToyotaToyotaCamry, 4-cylinder3.253.754.003.753.69A3.25B10
17ToyotaToyotaCamry, V62.503.504.00 3.33B2.50B6
18ToyotaToyotaCamry Hybrid3.333.00  3.17B3.00B3
19ToyotaToyotaCamry Solara, V64.004.004.00 4.00A4.00A5
21ToyotaToyotaEcho  4.00 4.00A4.00A2
22ToyotaToyotaFJ Cruiser4.004.00  4.00A4.00A2
23ToyotaToyotaHighlander, V63.754.
24ToyotaToyotaHighlander Hybrid3.504.00  3.75A3.50A4
25ToyotaToyotaLand Cruiser
28ToyotaToyotaRAV4, 4-cylinder3.753.754.004.003.88A3.75A10
29ToyotaToyotaRAV4, V63.402.50  2.95B2.50B4
31ToyotaToyotaSienna, front-wheel drive3.
32ToyotaToyotaTacoma, V6, 4-wheel drive3.503.754.004.003.81A3.50A10
33ToyotaToyotaTundra, V8, 4-wheel drive2.253.504.003.803.39B2.25C10
34ToyotaToyotaVenza, V62.00   2.00C2.00C1
35ToyotaToyotaYaris Hatchback4.004.00  4.00A4.00A3
37ToyotaSciontC3.753.333.00 3.36B3.00B5
38ToyotaScionxA4.003.67  3.83A3.67A3
39ToyotaScionxB3.334.004.00 3.78A3.33B5
40ToyotaScionxD4.00   4.00A4.00A2
44HondaAcuraRDX3.334.00  3.67A3.33B3
46HondaAcuraRSX4.003.333.00 3.44B3.00B3
48HondaAcuraTSX3.503.503.00 3.33B3.00B6
50HondaHondaAccord, 4-cylinder3.504.004.003.753.81A3.50A10
51HondaHondaAccord, V63.253.604.00 3.62A3.25B6
53HondaHondaCivic Sedan3.503.504.004.003.75A3.50A10
54HondaHondaCivic Hybrid3.503.753.673.003.48B3.00B7
55HondaHondaCivic Si3.003.003.503.673.29B3.00B9
57HondaHondaFit4.004.00  4.00A4.00A3
58HondaHondaInsight4.00  3.503.75A3.50A3
61HondaHondaRidgeline3.754.00  3.88A3.75A4
62HondaHondaS20004.004.004.00 4.00A4.00A4
65BMWBMW135i1.00   1.00D1.00D1
66BMWBMW325i,328i, rear-wheel drive2.502.502.252.002.31C2.00C10
67BMWBMW525i,528i,530i, rwd2.002.002.00 2.00C2.00C5
68BMWBMW535i, rear-wheel drive (rwd)0.00   0.00F0.00F1
69BMWBMW6 Series2.002.00  2.00C2.00C1
70BMWBMW7 Series2.332.
71BMWBMWX31.332.002.50 1.94C1.33D5
72BMWBMWX5, 6-cylinder0.671.251.250.750.98D0.67D9
73BMWBMWZ3, Z41.502.503.503.252.69B1.50C8
75BMWMini CooperMini Cooper Hatchback1.000.751.251.001.00D0.75D8
76BMWMini CooperMini Cooper Hatchback S0.500.751.50 0.92D0.50D6
77BMWMini CooperMini Cooper Clubman1.50   1.50C1.50C2
80ChryslerJeepCommander0.330.50  0.42F0.33F3
81ChryslerJeepCompass1.501.00  1.25D1.00D2
82ChryslerJeepGrand Cherokee, 6-cylinder, V61.671.001.00 1.22D1.00D5
83ChryslerJeepGrand Cherokee, V81.000.750.250.500.63D0.25F10
85ChryslerJeepPatriot2.672.00  2.33C2.00C3
86ChryslerJeepWrangler, 2-door0.000.751.50 0.75D0.00F6
87ChryslerJeepWrangler, 4-door0.331.00  0.67D0.33F3
89ChryslerChrysler300, V81.671.67  1.67C1.67C4
90ChryslerChryslerPacifica1.331.251.50 1.36D1.25D5
91ChryslerChryslerPT Cruiser, non-turbo1.670.750.751.331.13D0.75D8
92ChryslerChryslerSebring Sedan0.500.751.000.750.75D0.50D8
93ChryslerChryslerTown & Country, extended0.
95ChryslerDodgeAvenger0.00   0.00F0.00F1
96ChryslerDodgeCalliber2.502.00  2.25C2.00C2
97ChryslerDodgeCaravan, V60.500.250.00 0.25F0.00F4
98ChryslerDodgeChallenger2.00   2.00C2.00C1
99ChryslerDodgeCharger, V61.331.50  1.42D1.33D3
100ChryslerDodgeDakota, 4-wheel drive0.670.501.501.501.04D0.50D9
101ChryslerDodgeDurango2.332.002.00 2.11C2.00C5
102ChryslerDodgeGrand Caravan0.
103ChryslerDodgeJourney0.00   0.00F0.00F1
104ChryslerDodgeMagnum0.000.000.00 0.00F0.00F2
105ChryslerDodgeNitro0.500.00  0.25F0.00F2
106ChryslerDodgeRam 1500, 2-wheel drive1.501.752.50 1.92C1.50C6
107ChryslerDodgeRam 1500, 4-wheel drive1.
108ChryslerDodgeRam 2500, turbodiesel, 4wd0.000.751.752.001.13D0.00F9
111DaimlerMercedes-BenzC-Class, V6, rear-wheel drive2.002.502.502.252.31C2.00C10
112DaimlerMercedes-BenzCLS2.00   2.00C2.00C1
113DaimlerMercedes-BenzE-Class, V6, rear-wheel drive2.672.752.753.002.79B2.67B9
114DaimlerMercedes-BenzGL-Class, turbodiesel0.00   0.00F0.00F1
115DaimlerMercedes-BenzGL-Class, V80.501.00  0.75D0.50D2
116DaimlerMercedes-BenzGLK4.00   4.00A4.00A1
117DaimlerMercedes-BenzM-Class, V61.751.251.501.751.56C1.25D10
118DaimlerMercedes-BenzR-Class0.000.00  0.00F0.00F3
120DaimlerMercedes-BenzSL 0.501.002.501.33D0.50D4
123DaimlerSmart ForTwoSmart ForTwo1.00   1.00D1.00D2
126FordFordCrown Victoria2.332.753.00 2.69B2.33C5
127FordFordEdge, all-wheel drive2.001.00  1.50C1.00D3
128FordFordEscape, V6, awd1.752.502.502.332.27C1.75C9
129FordFordEscape Hybrid, awd2.252.333.00 2.53B2.25C5
130FordFordExpedition, 4-wheel drive1.671.752.002.001.85C1.67C9
131FordFordExplorer, 2-wheel drive2.001.501.00 1.50C1.00D5
132FordFordExplorer, 4-wheel drive1.331.000.751.251.08D0.75D9
133FordFordExplorer Sport Trac, 4wd1.501.331.752.001.65C1.33D7
134FordFordF-150, V8, 2-wheel drive2.502.252.00 2.25C2.00C6
135FordFordF-150, V8, 4-wheel drive2.
136FordFordF-250, turbodiesel, 4wd0.670.500.751.750.92D0.50D9
137FordFordFlex2.00   2.00C2.00C1
138FordFordFocus Sedan3.252.752.001.502.38C1.50C10
139FordFordFreestar 1.751.50 1.63C1.50C4
140FordFordFreestyle, Taurus X2.002.002.00 2.00C2.00C5
141FordFordFusion, V6, front-wheel drive3.753.50  3.63A3.50A4
142FordFordFusion Hybrid4.00   4.00A4.00A1
143FordFordMustang, V63.002.502.50 2.67B2.50B4
144FordFordMustang, V82.
145FordFordRanger, 4-wheel drive (4wd)1.672.
146FordFordFive Hundred, Taurus2.252.002.00 2.08C2.00C5
148FordLincolnMKS, front-wheel drive (fwd)0.00   0.00F0.00F1
149FordLincolnMKX, all-wheel drive (awd)0.501.00  0.75D0.50D2
150FordLincolnMKZ, Zephyr, fwd4.004.00  4.00A4.00A4
152FordLincolnTown Car2.672.753.00 2.81B2.67B5
154FordMercuryGrand Marquis2.332.753.003.002.77B2.33C9
155FordMercuryMariner Hybrid, awd2.252.00  2.13C2.00C4
156FordMercuryMilan, 4-cylinder4.004.00  4.00A4.00A4
157FordMercuryMontego, Sable2.252.002.00 2.08C2.00C5
158FordMercuryMountaineer, 4wd1.331.000.751.251.08D0.75D9
160FordVolvoC302.00   2.00C2.00C1
162FordVolvoS40,V40/V50, fwd3.002.502.002.002.38C2.00C8
163FordVolvoS60, front-wheel drive3.332.752.002.002.52B2.00C8
164FordVolvoS80, 6-cylinder2.002.001.501.331.71C1.33D6
165FordVolvoS40/V50, all-wheel drive 2.002.00 2.00C2.00C1
166FordVolvoV703.002.752.50 2.75B2.50B5
168FordVolvoXC90, V81.501.331.00 1.28D1.00D3
171General MotorsBuickEnclave, all-wheel drive1.50   1.50C1.50C2
172General MotorsBuickEnclave, front-wheel drive1.50   1.50C1.50C2
173General MotorsBuickLaCrosse2.252.332.00 2.19C2.00C5
174General MotorsBuickLucerne, V62.002.00  2.00C2.00C4
175General MotorsBuickLucerne, V82.002.00  2.00C2.00C3
176General MotorsBuickRendezvous1.501.50  1.50C1.50C4
178General MotorsCadillacCTS, V60.501.501.671.001.17D0.50D7
179General MotorsCadillacDTS1.251.50  1.38D1.25D4
180General MotorsCadillacEscalade1.671.501.752.001.73C1.50C7
181General MotorsCadillacSRX0.330.250.00 0.19F0.00F5
182General MotorsCadillacSTS, V60.671.673.00 1.78C0.67D4
184General MotorsChevroletAvalanche 15001.000.751.251.501.13D0.75D7
185General MotorsChevroletAveo1.001.000.50 0.83D0.50D5
186General MotorsChevroletCobalt Sedan1.251.331.00 1.19D1.00D5
187General MotorsChevroletColorado, 4wd0.330.751.00 0.69D0.33F5
188General MotorsChevroletCorvette1.502.252.753.002.38C1.50C10
189General MotorsChevroletEquinox1.250.671.00 0.97D0.67D5
190General MotorsChevroletHHR1.000.50  0.75D0.50D4
191General MotorsChevroletImpala, V61.
192General MotorsChevroletMalibu, 4-cylinder2.002.002.00 2.00C2.00C6
193General MotorsChevroletSilverado 1500, V8, 4wd1.751.001.502.001.56C1.00D10
194General MotorsChevroletSilverado 2500, turbodieasel, 4wd1.251.502.252.671.92C1.25D9
195General MotorsChevroletSuburban 15001.001.001.502.001.38D1.00D10
196General MotorsChevroletTahoe1.501.502.002.501.88C1.50C10
197General MotorsChevroletTahoe Hybrid2.00   2.00C2.00C1
198General MotorsChevroletTrailblazer, 6-cylinder1.671.501.50 1.56C1.50C5
199General MotorsChevroletTraverse, all-wheel drive2.00   2.00C2.00C1
200General MotorsChevroletUplander0.330.000.00 0.11F0.00F4
202General MotorsGMCAcadia, all-wheel drive1.000.00  0.50D0.00F3
203General MotorsGMCCanyon, 2-wheel drive0.671.502.00 1.39D0.67D5
204General MotorsGMCCanyon, 4-wheel drive0.330.751.00 0.69D0.33F5
205General MotorsGMCEnvoy, V80.330.751.00 0.69D0.33F5
206General MotorsGMCSierra 1500, V8, 4wd1.751.001.502.001.56C1.00D10
207General MotorsGMCSierra 2500, turbodiesel, 4wd1.251.502.252.671.92C1.25D9
208General MotorsGMCYukon1.501.502.002.501.88C1.50C10
209General MotorsGMCYukon XL 15001.001.001.502.001.38D1.00D10
211General MotorsHummerH30.671.00  0.83D0.67D3
213General MotorsPontiacG6, V60.670.331.00 0.67D0.33F4
214General MotorsPontiacG8, V81.50   1.50C1.50C2
215General MotorsPontiacGrand Prix2.002.002.00 2.00C2.00C5
216General MotorsPontiacSolstice, non-turbo0.000.00  0.00F0.00F2
217General MotorsPontiacVibe (a Toyota-engineered product)3.003.504.00 3.50A3.00B6
219General MotorsSaab9-31.671.000.501.001.04D0.50D9
220General MotorsSaab9-
222General MotorsSaturnAura, 4-cylinder2.50   2.50B2.50B2
223General MotorsSaturnOutlook, front-wheel drive1.671.00  1.33D1.00D3
224General MotorsSaturnSky, turbo1.002.00  1.50C1.00D2
225General MotorsSaturnVue, V60.751.752.00 1.50C0.75D6
229HyundaiHyundaiAzera3.002.50  2.75B2.50B4
231HyundaiHyundaiGenesis sedan, V63.00   3.00B3.00B1
232HyundaiHyundaiSanta Fe, V62.752.252.752.672.60B2.25C9
233HyundaiHyundaiSonata, 4-cylinder3.002.502.002.002.38C2.00C8
234HyundaiHyundaiSonata, V62.503.003.50 3.00B2.50B6
235HyundaiHyundaiTucson3.003.003.00 3.00B3.00B4
236HyundaiHyundaiVeracruz1.501.00  1.25D1.00D2
239JaguarJaguarXF0.00   0.00F0.00F1
240JaguarJaguarXJ Series
241JaguarJaguarXK Series   3.003.00B3.00B1
244KiaKiaSpectra3.002.672.00 2.56B2.00C4
245KiaKiaOptima2.672.001.00 1.89C1.00D4
246KiaKiaRonda3.003.00  3.00B3.00B2
249KiaKiaSportage4.003.332.00 3.11B2.00C4
252Land RoverLand RoverLR20.00   0.00F0.00F1
253Land RoverLand RoverLR31.000.500.00 0.50D0.00F2
254Land RoverLand RoverRange Rover Sport0.000.00  0.00F0.00F1
257MazdaMazdaB-Series, 2-wheel drive2.753.003.00 2.92B2.75B6
258MazdaMazdaCX-71.501.00  1.25D1.00D2
259MazdaMazdaCX-92.333.00  2.67B2.33C3
260MazdaMazdaMX-5 Miata3.003.253.753.753.44B3.00B9
261MazdaMazdaRX-8 0.000.00 0.00F0.00F2
262MazdaMazdaTribute, 4-cylinder2.332.332.502.672.46C2.33C8
263MazdaMazdaMazda3 sedan3.503.503.00 3.33B3.00B6
264MazdaMazdaMazda51.751.50  1.63C1.50C4
265MazdaMazdaMazda6 sedan, 4-cylinder2.002.753.333.002.77B2.00C7
266MazdaMazdaMazda6 sedan, V62.332.252.50 2.36C2.25C5
270MitsubishiMitsubishiEndeavor 3.003.00 3.00B3.00B2
272MitsubishiMitsubishiLancer  3.333.003.17B3.00B3
276NissanInfinitiEX3.00   3.00B3.00B1
277NissanInfinitiFX35, V63.253.253.334.003.46B3.25B7
278NissanInfinitiG Sedan, all-wheel drive3.253.002.50 2.92B2.50B6
279NissanInfinitiG Sedan, rear-wheel drive2.753.
280NissanInfinitiM35, rear-wheel drive (rwd)4.004.00  4.00A4.00A3
281NissanInfinitiQX562.002.00  2.00C2.00C2
283NissanNissanAltima, 4-cylinder3.
284NissanNissanAltima, V62.502.753.00 2.75B2.50B6
285NissanNissanAltima Hybrid3.504.00  3.75A3.50A2
286NissanNissanArmada1.331.000.50 0.94D0.50D5
287NissanNissanFrontier, 4-wheel drive2.
292NissanNissanRogue2.50   2.50B2.50B2
294NissanNissanTitan, 4-wheel drive1.671.000.50 1.06D0.50D5
295NissanNissanVersa Hatchback2.002.00  2.00C2.00C3
302PorschePorscheCayenne2.001.331.00 1.44D1.00D4
303PorschePorscheCayman3.673.50  3.58A3.50A3
306SubaruSubaruForester, non-turbo4.003.502.752.253.13B2.25C10
307SubaruSubaruImpreza Wagon, non-turbo3.503.253.002.333.02B2.33C9
308SubaruSubaruImpreza WRX1.503.002.752.002.31C1.50C6
309SubaruSubaruLegacy, 4-cylinder2.752.502.252.002.38C2.00C10
310SubaruSubaruLegacy/Outback, 6-cylinder2.752.602.00 2.45C2.00C6
311SubaruSubaruOutback, 4-cylinder3.502.752.002.002.56B2.00C10
312SubaruSubaruB9 Tribeca, Tribeca2.332.50  2.42C2.33C3
315SuzukiSuzukiGrand Vitara2.002.00  2.00C2.00C1
316SuzukiSuzukiSX43.003.00  3.00B3.00B2
319VolkswagenAudiA31.751.00  1.38D1.00D3
320VolkswagenAudiA4, 4-cylinder2.501.500.250.501.19D0.25F10
321VolkswagenAudiA5,S52.00   2.00C2.00C1
322VolkswagenAudiA6, V6, non-SC2.331.750.750.501.33D0.50D9
323VolkswagenAudiA82.001.000.00 1.00D0.00F2
324VolkswagenAudiQ71.000.00  0.50D0.00F2
327VolkswagenVolkswagenCC, 4-cylinder4.00   4.00A4.00A1
328VolkswagenVolkswagenEos1.001.00  1.00D1.00D3
329VolkswagenVolkswagenGTI, 4-cylinder1.500.500.000.000.50D0.00F5
330VolkswagenVolkswagenGolf, Rabbit3.674.000.001.332.25C0.00F6
331VolkswagenVolkswagenJetta, turbodiesel2.502.672.252.252.42C2.25C8
332VolkswagenVolkswagenJetta, 4-cylinder, 5-cyinder2.251.751.50 1.83C1.50C6
333VolkswagenVolkswagenNew Beetle0.670.500.751.000.73D0.50D9
334VolkswagenVolkswagenPassat, 4-cylinder, fwd1.
335VolkswagenVolkswagenTiguan2.00   2.00C2.00C1
336VolkswagenVolkswagenToureg0.000.671.00 0.56D0.00F4

Notice how Toyota and Honda products dominate the upper end of the reliability spectrum for all age ranges.

Caution      When the number of model years of data (appearing in the far right column) for a vehicle is limited to more recent years, the reliability GPAs, Average GPA, and Minimum GPA of that vehicle may be less reflective of the vehicle's reliability over a longer period of time. For example, the Ford Fusion has only a 4-year reliability history, so if one is considering purchasing a used Fusion, or a new Fusion but owning it for 6 or more years, it may be better to examine the GPAs of the Ford line in the outer years.

Disclosure      Site manager is currently a very small shareholder of Ford Motor Company (2010-04-27). I am not, and have not been, a shareholder of any other motor vehicle manufacturer.

A PDF version of this page is available for downloading and/or printing. As the quality standing of each auto manufacturer changes slowly over time, you may wish to save the PDF version for your perusal over the next several decades, for sharing with friends or future generations, or for negotiating with recalcitrant dealerships. A PDF version for the 2009 Reliability GPAs is also available. The latter may be particularly useful if a vehicle of interest does not appear in the 2010 list.

Note      Although this site was created using software by Microsoft, you may encounter difficulty in downloading a PDF file from this page using Internet Explorer. However, with Mozilla Firefox, there should be no difficulty, and the download should be speedy.

The method of computation of the GPAs is probably familiar to nearly every college, technical school, and high school student (at least I hope so). A Grade Point of 4.00 (that is, an A) is given to a Consumer Reports "Much Better Than Average" rating, a GP of 3.00 (that is, a B) is given to a CR "Better Than Average" rating, a GP of 2.00 (that is, a C) to an "Average" rating, a GP of 1.00 (that is, a D) to a "Worse Than Average" rating, and a GP of 0.00 (that is, an F) to a "Much Worse Than Average" rating. A Grade Point Average (GPA) is an average of the Grade Points and is computed using Microsoft's Average(a:b,[c:d],...) function.

The table is an immediate import from Microsoft's Access and a more distant import from Microsoft's Excel. The integration of the Access database into Microsoft's Web Expression software makes the reordering of the columns a rather simple task. For Ajax's partial post back, the ScriptManager and UpdatePanel controls were inserted by dragging; <ContentTemplate> was manually inserted into the code immediately after the ScriptManager and Update controls.

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